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N.O.D. Performance

Health & Beauty > Fitness

Discount: 25%

N.O.D. Performance has two great programs for UTSA and UTHSCSA employees! 1) Adults save 50% on our monthly membership fees for fitness boot camps led by Courtney Smith, a former NFL player. Our boot camp classes will help you tone, shape and slim your body in a fun, engaging way. No more treadmill and elliptical for you! 2) Employees can also save 25% on speed and sports training programs for their youth athletes. If you have a son, daughter or grandchild that plays sports, you need to get them signed up with N.O.D. for speed and agility training. We work with ages 8-18 and have even trained several NCAA and NFL athletes. The first trial session is always free, and you'll save 25% off their membership fees with your employee discount.

How to redeem: To redeem this discount, first contact N.O.D. to register for a free trial session. Once you decide that N.O.D. is the perfect program to fit your needs (whether it's for yourself or a youth athlete), simply show your UTSA or UTHSCSA card at registration and you'll immediately see this savings!

About this Business

N.O.D. Performance

10919 Westwood Looop
San Antonio, TX 78245