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San Antonio Health Coach

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Discount: 10%

Why Weight? Beginning June 1st, An Extraordinary Body By Choice Program by San Antonio Health Coach. Go to to read all details of this program. Contact through the website contact page or call (210) 824-6963. Why Wait? Why Weight? is not just another diet program. Why Weight? is a weight reduction program that teaches about food (all kinds), how to eat, and common misperceptions and mistakes about eating (that affect our health): concepts that serve a lifetime. What & How you eat changes everything! The food you eat, literally, becomes your cells, blood, tissues, organs and even your thoughts! I offer a discount for services as your Health Counselor/Coach for group and private clients. For supplement needs, San Antonio Health Coach offers Nutrition Response Testing for only the specific supplements that your body needs and can use. This discount offer applies to services only.

How to redeem: UTSA faculty and staff can redeem discounts by providing UTSA credentials. Visit the website to read about programs offered. Please call for specifics about which programs are currently offered and the fees.

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San Antonio Health Coach

7123 Thrush View Lane
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