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People Excellence | Compensation | Salary Ranges

The University of Texas at San Antonio

Student Titles - Monthly

The following student titles are paid on a full-time 12 month annual rate.
Job Code Title Max Hours
10089 Teaching Associate – used in certain circumstances only with approval from the appropriate College Dean and Dean of the Graduate School
Students have successfully defended their dissertation proposal, have had their dissertation committee approved at UTSA, and are unconditionally enrolled in graduate study. Appointment cannot exceed two academic years.
10063 Teaching Assistant I - Minimum Bachelor's Degree                                           
TA I requires a minimum of a Bachelor's Degree. For more information please visit the Graduate School
10062 Teaching Assistant II - Minimum 18 hours of graduate level coursework                           
TA II must have 18 hours of graduate-level coursework completed in their teaching disciplines. For more information please visit the Graduate School
10090 Graduate Research Assistant I
Research assistantships are awarded by departments and professors who are engaged in research projects. For more information please visit the Graduate School
10061 Graduate Research Assistant II - restricted to doctoral students post-Qualifying Exam 19
10058 Graduate Services Assistant                          
The primary responsibility is to provide support within a specified unit in order to gain working knowledge and develop career-specific skills. This position will report to an administrator or professional member of the unit who will supervise and mentor the student. This position is not intended to perform office/administrative tasks as a majority of their work.
Employing department must validate that the student meets the minimum enrollment requirements. Enrollment requirements are provided in HOP 4.09.III; Titles are limited to 19 hours a week (.475% FTE).