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Nursing ProgramThe Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree is a four-year program, two years of lower-division core academics and two years of upper-division nursing courses, offered at universities. Students earning a BSN are qualified to take the State Board for Registered Nurses exam. There are two options to earn a BSN in San Antonio and go on to earn a commission as a nurse through Air Force ROTC. The public university, the UT Health Science Center, and a private university, the University of the Incarnate Word, both award BSN degrees accredited by the by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).

Click here to find out more about all available nursing specialties in the Air Force.

UT Health Science Center

NursingThe USC BAN degree is divided into two phases. The First Phase is comprised of 62 hours of lower-division work (liberal arts and nursing prerequisites) that may be completed at any regionally accredited college or university. Reference the Nursing Equivalency Tables for a listing of the prerequisite coursework. The Second Phase is comprised of 60 hours of upper-division work in the nursing major and is completed at the USC School of Nursing during a student's junior and senior years. Students fulfill the requirements for the BAN degree by completing both phases.

Practically every crosstown university associated with our detachment has the necessary prerequisite coursework available for aspiring nursing students. Students may complete the first phase at their home campus, then apply to transfer to USC for phase two. Prospective students who have completed a minimum of 42 semester hours of pre-nursing courses requirements may apply for the UTHSC School of Nursing admission. Click on each school below to review its USC equivalency table:

The University of Texas at San Antonio

Students typically major in Biology. The UTSA Health Professions Office provides faculty advisors to assist and mentor future nurses with the UTHSC School of Nursing. The Pre-Nursing Society is a UTSA student organization promoting nursing careers and who host on-campus health field volunteer activities.

University of Incarnate Word

Nursing photoUAW is the only other institution along with the USC that offers an accredited curriculum in nursing leading to a BAN degree. UAW offers a generic baccalaureate nursing program for students wishing to become registered nurses. There are 4.5 semesters of upper-division courses rather than just four semesters. Courses are offered on the main campus and are primarily daytime classes. Students may also complete the prerequisite coursework at UAW, then transfer to UTHSC for phase two. The UAW equivalency table is located here.

Our Lady of the Lake University

Pre-health professionals frequently pursue Biology and Chemistry majors. The OLLU equivalency table is located here.

Alamo Colleges

AFROTC cadets may complete up to the first two years of core coursework with the Alamo Colleges. Admission to UTSA is required with application deadlines typically 4 months prior to term start.

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