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This page is intended for students NOT attending UTSA.

How It Works

Even though Air Force ROTC DET 842 is located at UTSA, students from the universities listed above can join our program in accordance with the crosstown agreement between UTSA and their university. In fact, we have approximately twenty cadets that are crosstown students.

As a student from another university, you can apply to UTSA as a special non-degree seeking student for the sole purpose of participating in the ROTC program. YOU MUST APPLY FOR ADMISSION BEFORE THE UTSA DEADLINE. You would attend ROTC classes at UTSA's 1604 campus and physical training with the cadet corps.

As a freshman or sophomore cadet, you can expect to spend about five hours in ROTC activities per week, not including your travel time. The biggest hurdle for crosstown cadets is working out a schedule conflict between both universities’ classes. The freshman/sophomore ROTC classes at UTSA are one credit hour courses; you can register for a Tuesday or Thursday class.

When you register for class, you'll also be automatically registered for a 2-hour lab on Thursday 3:30-5:15. Make sure you don't have any class schedule conflicts. Finally, you'll join the cadet corps for physical training on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

Freshman Class Options Sophomore Class
Tuesday 9:30-10:20

Tuesday 9:30-10:20

Tuesday 12:30-1:20

Tuesday 11:00-11:50
Tuesday 2:00-2:50
Thursday 11:00-11:50

Thursday 12:30-1:20

Thursday 2:00-2:50


Students attending the University of the Incarnate Word are eligible for the Hispanic Serving Institute scholarship and the In-College Scholarship Program. Students attending Trinity University, Saint Mary's University, Our Lady of the Lake University, and the UT Health Science Center are eligible for the In-College Scholarship Program. The University of the Incarnate Word and the UT Health Science Center have accredited nursing programs that meet eligibility for our nursing scholarships. And all students are eligible for Express scholarships. Click here to review the Scholarships page.

UTSA Admissions
DO NOT APPLY TO UTSA ADMISSIONS until you have spoken to our Unit Admissions Officer and verified your eligibility to enter the ROTC program.

To participate in Air Force ROTC, you must apply for admission to UTSA as a Special (non-degree seeking) student. If, however, you are a first semester freshman, then you must apply as a UTSA Admissions deadlines:
Fall: June 1st
Spring: November 15th

If you have any questions about the application process, call us at (210) 458-4624. After you have been admitted, complete the registration process below. You'll only need to be admitted to UTSA once.

ROTC Registration

Crosstown cadets must use this registration process every semester to enroll into ROTC classes. Contact us at (210) 458-4624 for additional information.

Complete section A on the form and your advisor must complete section B.
Send the certificate and a copy of your most recent transcript to our front office. You can fax them to (210) 458-5649 or deliver it to our office at North Paseo Building 1.220. We will complete section C; you will need to know which class you wish to take.

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